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Hurda Party

Hurda Party at Meher Retreat is where you can eat Hurda (tender Jawar stalks roasted over the fire) served with spicy delicious chutney of garlic & coconut and it is indeed a mouth watering preposition & it is indeed delicacy


Hurda party around a campfire, best enjoyed with your folks. Hurda is nothing but the early stage crop – the tender Jowar. The tender Jowar (Sorghum) stalks are roasted/ barbecued and served with Chutney prepared with desiccated coconut, garlic, and dry red chili powder. Tempting, isn’t it?


Hurda parties are arranged across the region and widely loved by all age groups and are the most sought after weekend getaway. Indulge your taste buds into Hurda and jaggery, which is a healthier option.

Meher Retreat celebrates the Hurda Season in a very special way in Winter Season during November to February every year. 

Enjoy it in a naturally blessed locale of Meher Retreat.

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